The world’s best pipe fittings come from Heinola, Finland.

From Heinola with love

Our pipes are made in accordance to European EN 1415-1 and EN 1852-2 standards. For our pipefittings we use only first class polypropene. We collaborate with leading European raw material producers to ensure the quality of our product. We do not use filler materials in our pipe fittings to ensure their rigidity.

Polypropene has excellent resistance to chemicals that makes it an excellent choice for industrial facilities, laborotories and fuel deposits.

Excellent qualities

Top of the line acoustic qualities as a standard:

  • Our standard system has a sound level of 14 db. (flow rate 2 l/s)
  • Our standard system has a sound level of 17 db. (flow rate 4 l/s)

Special qualities:

• Wiitta products have sturdy linings and they are easy to use and install.
• Spigot’s seamsurface is seamless and doesn’t damage the seam itself.
• Seam material is EPDM (Better heat resistance than ordinary rubbers)
• Can be disinfected via low pressured steam.
• If needed, fittings and pipes can be fitted with oil resistant nitrile seams.
• Also available in TPE.

A firm no to wasted space!

Our package sized are optimized for maximum content in minimal space.

• Optimized package size for economic transport and storaging.
• No unnecessary carbon emissions or expenses from transportation.

We did it!

We produce pipe fittings in our own production facilities in Heinola and Kuivaniemi, Finland. We are monitored by external inspectors who visit our facilities on regular intervals and observe our production protocols and quality. We are type certified in Scandinavia.